The team at OnCore Nutrition are regularly involved in a range of media and nutrition education and media events. They have significant experience in providing vibrant, evidence-based nutrition and health presentations to a range of audiences.

Services available include:

  • Patient Support Groups – OnCore Nutrition provide presentations, information sessions and support for organisations including Pancare, Leukaemia Foundation and Think Pink.

  • Cooking Demonstrations and Restaurant Events

  • Health Professional Education and Training – including Think Pink Professional Education

  • University and student lectures, tutorials, placement and mentoring – experience delivering specialised university level education to The University of Melbourne, Deakin University, Latrobe University, Swinburne University

  • Corporate health and workplace nutrition

  • Media releases, reporting, writing and public relations

  • Podcasts, webinars and radio

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Health Professional Education and Training

Nutrition Information

Student Education and Lecturing

Corporate and workplace health – workshops, presentation, consultation

Cooking Demos and Restaurant Events


Cancer Support Groups

Need a nutrition presentation by qualified and vibrant professionals? Media and writing services also available.

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