The lovely waiter offers you still or sparkling…what do you choose?

Carbonated water (soda or mineral water) is water with carbon dioxide dissolved in it under pressure. It cops a bit of heat with concerns about reducing bone mineral density and causing tooth decay…

What’s the real 411 on the fizz?

  • Plain, carbonated water with no added sugar or citric acid does not cause tooth decay. Any natural acidity is quickly neutralised by saliva. The American Dental Association confirms it. 

  • Carbonated drinks don’t increase calcium loss in the bones. A study of 2500 people confirms it. The exception: cola, due to the added phosphorus which increases calcium loss. 

  • Some studies show you’ll eat up to 10% less if you fill your tum with a glass of soda right before a meal.

Our tips

Keep it simple with soda or mineral water and flavour with cucumber, ginger, lemongrass, herbs, fresh fruit (try mandarin peel 👌🏾). Go easy on citric acids if you’re concerned about your teeth.

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Lauren Atkins

Accredited Practising Dietitian

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