5 reasons to love your pancreas

1. Without it we can’t digest our food. Particularly protein. Everybody loves protein.

2. It produces insulin. Without it our blood sugar levels would be sky high. 👆🏽

3. It also produces glucagon. Without it our blood sugars can drop dangerously low. 👇🏽

4. It helps to neutralise the acid from our stomach so it doesn’t hurt our small intestines! ☔️

5. It’s shaped kinda like a tadpole 🐸 and some clever scientists are working out how we can use dietary changes to help healthy pancreatic cells regenerate after damage. We’re really excited by this! 🍽

If you end up without one, or it doesn’t work so well, you’ll miss it dearly. People with pancreatic insufficiency will often need to take enzymes in a capsule with every meal to help break down their food. And many will require insulin to control blood sugar levels.

Support #worldpancreaticcancerday through Pancare and please be in touch with any questions. We’re teaming up with Pancare for some empowering events over the next few months so watch this space!

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Lauren Atkins

Accredited Practising Dietitian

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