Step awayyyy from the fat burners, pills and potions. Here’s our list of actual real foods that can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Backed by science, not marketing. 

1. Nuts

Just because they’re high in fat doesn’t mean you can’t eat them and still burn it! The high protein, fibre and mono- and polyunsaturated fat content has been proven to help keep us feeling fuller for longer. And therefore less hungry, less often.

One study found that 12 weeks of eating a large handful (42g) of nuts daily led to improvements in diet quality without any weight gain! Go for 25-30g or a small handful each day. You’d be nuts not to.

2. Oily Fish

Similar deal to nuts, our Nemo friends are high in protein and fats that help to keep us satisfied. The omega 3 fats in oily fish are beneficial for moderating our systemic inflammation levels which can help our weight loss efforts and reduce chronic disease risk. A number of studies have found that including oily fish can help to reduce fat stores and waist circumference whilst preserving our lean body mass. Ideal!

3. Greek Yoghurt

The whey and casein proteins in yoghurt can help us feel full and lower our blood glucose and insulin response to the naturally occuring sugars in greek yoghurt. Studies have found that eating high protein yoghurt at brekky or between meals can control our hunger and help manage our mealtime portions later in the day.

Another benefit of Greek yoghurt is the friendly probiotic bacteria it contains. Keeping our intestinal bacteria thriving helps to keep the lining of our gut healthy, which has also been linked to improved weight management. Not all strains are equal, and some probiotic bacteria has been linked to weight gain, including Lactobacillus acidophilus commonly found in yoghurts. So we won’t get ahead of ourselves here.

The yoghurt aisle can be a huge time trap. Before you know it 40 minutes have passed and you’re still not sure if the low fat, blueberry, coconut or kefir is the best choice to dollop on your bircher. Sigh. We feel you.

Check the ingredients list and look for a Greek style with no added sugars. The shorter the ingredients list the better. A little trick: if the nutrition panel shows more than 6g of sugars per 100g then it’s probably got sugar added. We like Chobani and YoPro plain varieties for their protein content and live culture profiles. The best choice for you will depend on your goals, any dietary requirements and of course your taste preference so hit us up if you need some tailored guidance!

4. Eggs

Have we mentioned protein yet? Eggs, particularly the whites, are packed full of it. Studies have shown that including eggs at brekky can manage our hunger and improve our food choices later in the day. Boil and peel a bunch in advance for the week. And don’t stress about the cholesterol. Cholesterol in our diet has only a small impact on our LDL blood cholesterol levels. Go for 6-7 eggs per week and there’ll be no change to your cholesterol levels but a likely reduction in your hunger levels!

5. Chilli and capsicum

It probably gets more credit for ‘fat burning’ potential than it deserves, but that’s Dr Google’s fault, we don’t blame our fiery friends. Chillies and capsicum contain the chemical capsaicin which some studies have linked to an increased ability to burn fat and reduce our appetite. There is more capsaicin in chillies than capsicums, and most of it is stored in the inner white pith of the peppers so eat it all!

6. Green tea

In the same class as chillies – with marketing strategies that perhaps exceed the actual science – green tea gets a big Google gold star. In fact, many weight loss products contain green tea extract! A large, high quality review from back in 2012 does sort of back up these claims, with researchers finding that green tea intake was linked to a small but consistent weight loss in overweight or obese adults.

Regardless, green tea is a good source of antioxidants with plenty of health benefits. Be careful not to overdo it if you’re having anti-cancer treatment (see our Antioxidants vs Anticancer article for more info).

7. Split Peas

It’s a shame to single out these legumes when we simply love them all! But the protein from these little treasures has been studied in humans and shown to have a greater impact on reducing hunger than whey protein. Round of applause for the plants please!

They’re also a good source of fibre, protein and B vitamins and delish added to soups, stews,curries and dahl. Check our our dahl recipe for some inspo for your Meat Free Monday!

Bottom Line

We hope we’ve put some real food winners in the limelight when it comes to keeping us feeling satisfied. It’s okay to keep it simple. In fact, we encourage it.

At the end of the day, when it comes to weight loss we know a cookie cutter approach doesn’t work. One size does not fit every size! If you’re looking for support, find someone who understands you, your unique medical conditions and health goals!

T A I L O R  Y O U R  P L A T E   |   B U I L D  Y O U R  B E S T  Y O U 

Lauren Atkins

Accredited Practising Dietitian

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